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Daniela Hope by MelixHeartX101
Daniela Hope
Yawn Barely put this up and I'm getting very sleepy... I know that her hair didn't come out the way I expected but at least this will do. I should concentrate on what makes me feel comfortable and if it suits me, I'll take risks while putting up with hesitation. By the way, my heroine with her chibi version. I know that I'm not very good when it comes to drawing chibis but hey, at least I'm doing this and my own way and my own time, which makes me feel at ease. Enjoy!Heart 
Danica by MelixHeartX101
Wink/RazzI just finished drawing this and unfortunately, I think I'm going to stick doing these kinds of drawings until I feel ready to draw them fully. Since I'm having trouble with the body, hands, and feet, for me, the only thing I should be focusing on is mastering different face angles. Well, that's all I have to say and I hope it doesn't bother everybody and I feel really grateful that some of you are favoring some of my work. By the way, this is my character Tiana's older sister Danica and to put it simply, she's 24 years old, a child prodigy, and currently a professional doctor, second to Daniela's mother.Heart 
Tiana (Outfit #1) by MelixHeartX101
Tiana (Outfit #1)
Sweating a little...This is not what I really hoped for since I'm making it more sense since my goal is simple and a bit detailed. I'm terrible when it comes to drawing hands but hey at least I did managed to draw her waist and thighs...AshamedI swear to God whenever I find the time, I'll focus on practicing hands.PrayBy the way, my heroine's best friend in her casual outfit as I try to draw her stylish and a bit modest.:) (Smile) Dance! 
Evil! by MelixHeartX101
:) (Smile)Hi everybody!This is what I drew last night and I'm sorry that it wasn't too much as many of you would've expected...Meow :3Sweating a little...Lately I've been experimenting drawing scenes and adding more detail since I'm doing this in my own way and my own time. By the way, this sketch depicts my heroine sensing evil from the cutest boy in school and staying true to her family's tradition, she decides to stay away despite him getting closer to her. Aware that she knows of the transformation from light to darkness and darkness to light, little does she know that he's the boy from her childhood that she was trying to cheer up when he lost his eye. Well, I'll put up the next one soon and enjoy!Heart 
Tiana (1) by MelixHeartX101
Tiana (1)
:) (Smile)Tiana outfit #1. As I stated a while ago, I'm not also editing but also designing my character's outfits to match their personalities. Again, my apologies go to the people who favored them and to the group who added it to their profile page. Please understand the reason why I took down my previous work is because I feel a lot more comfortable posting up my work that I consider improvement. Anyways, I really hope you enjoy this and comments are always welcomed.Heart 

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